{:de}Doppelmembranspeicher{:}{:en}Double membrane gas storage{:}

Double membrane gas storages kann be installed on containers as well as in the form of external gas storages. The outer membrane provides protection against effects of the weather. The […]

{:de}Einschalige Gasspeicher{:}{:en}Single-layered gas storage{:}

We offer films for all common possibilities to store gas. cushion, cylinder or cuboid storages We manufacture a storage in cushion, cylinder or cuboid shape individually adapted to the room […]

{:de}Emissionsschutzabdeckungen{:}{:en}Emission protection covers{:}

To achieve a reduction in emissions, we manufacture various systems from a simple form to high-quality, mast-supported covers according to your needs and desires.

{:de}Mehrjahres-Silofolien{:}{:en}Multi-year silage films{:}

For the covering of silages we offer our multi-year silage films, which we assemble for you as needed. Of course we also supply the necessary accessories.

{:de}Über- und Unterdrucksicherung{:}{:en}Over / under pressure safety{:}

The over / under pressure safety device is a safety device to prevent inadmissible gas pressures in containers and gas storage tanks. The pressure fuses were designed and built taking […]

Level measurement with cable system and magnetic bar sensor The mechanical pulley system works with a rope laid over the gas storage foil and led outwards through the weather protection […]

Inflation unit Depending on the structure and size of the system, we design the setup of the required support air blower. By selecting the appropriate blower, it is possible to […]