{:de}Seitenentlüftung{:}{:en}leteral ventilation{:}

We offer replacement curtains for leteralventilation systems. The curtains are made of windshield net or foil in different colors and thicknesses.

{:de}Festbespann{:}{:en}Fixed curtain{:}

As weather and privacy protection, we offer our fixed curtain made of windbreak net, foil tarpaulin or combined in different colors and thicknesses. The dimensions are adjusted to your needs […]

{:de}Wasserspeicher{:}{:en}Water reservoirs{:}

We provide quality films for water storage, fire water storage, rainwater retention basins, sewage ponds, ponds, swimming ponds, swimming pools and many other applications. We match shape, size and lay […]

{:de}Rolltore{:}{:en}Roller door{:}

We deliver roller doors for openings up to 6 m high and 5.8 m wide. Larger widths are available on request. Our roller door is wind and weatherproof and is […]

The sliding curtain is a simple and practical system for self-assembly and is suitable for a fast side opening and closing. The guide works with rollers in a rail. It […]


Disinfection mats Our disinfection mats are made of a sturdy PVC tarpaulin with a traction resistant PVC mesh and absorbent foam for storage. Work aprons We deliver washable aprons made […]

{:de}Folien und Vliese{:}{:en}Foils and fleeces{:}

Are you looking for fleeces or foils for root protection, amphibian protection or tarpaulins? Or for a completely different project? We have a wide range of quality materials which are […]


We supply films for waterproofing of buildings in new construction and renovation. We offer a wide selection of films of highest quality. These plastic sealings are used in waterproofing of […]

We supply sunshades in different colors. Our sunshade is also suitable for large awnings or rescreening. We are happy to manufacture according to your wishes in various high-quality materials and […]