The sliding curtain is a simple and practical system for self-assembly and is suitable for a fast side opening and closing. The guide works with rollers in a rail. It […]

We are happy to offer you a solution specially tailored to your requirements. Please talk to us. Our competent and experienced team will be happy to advise you.

Our panels are a cost effective solution for wall covering. We offer wind nets or foil panels in different thicknesses and colors. The attachment is made with piping rail and […]

{:de}Seitenlüftungen{:}{:en}Side ventilation{:}

For the positive conditioning of the stable climate, we offer side ventilation systems made of windscreen net or foil in different colors and thicknesses. All systems are placed centrally with […]

{:de}Weidezelte{:}{:en}Pasture tents{:}

Our mobile pasture tent offers space for feeding and sleeping. It is also available as a retrofit kit! Variants: Size 3.0 mx 3.6 m Size 6.0m x 3.6m optional: Side […]

{:de}Desinfektionsmatten{:}{:en}Disinfection mats{:}

Our disinfection mats are made of a sturdy PVC tarpaulin with a traction resistant PVC mesh and absorbent foam for storage.

{:de}Rollfront{:}{:en}Roll fronts{:}

We offer our roll front in standard sizes up to 6 m high and 15 m wide. Larger widths are available on request. The roll front is a centrally wound […]

As weather and privacy protection, we offer our roller blinds made of windbreak net, foil tarpaulin or combined in different colors and thicknesses. The dimensions are adjusted to your needs […]

{:de}Arbeitsschürzen{:}{:en}Work aprons{:}

We deliver washable aprons made of sturdy material for optimum protection.

Wir suchen ab sofort Monteure / Leitmonteure national/international (m/w) Das bieten wir: Interessantes Aufgabengebiet in einem mittelständischen weltweit tätigen Unternehmen Hochmotiviertes und professionelles Arbeitsumfeld Leistungsgerechte Entlohnung Professionelle Einarbeitung Sichere Anstellung […]