Other products

Emission protection covers

We manufacture custom-fit, mast-supported emission protection covers for you - even for large containers. An inspection and service opening is included and can be oversized depending on requirements.

Water storage tanks and ponds

We provide you with quality foils for water storage tanks, fire water storage tanks, rainwater retention tanks, sewage ponds, ponds, swimming ponds, swimming pools and many other applications. We customize shape and size according to your requirements. You can choose different color foils with different quality. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of accessories and protection fleeces.

Multi-year foils

For many years, the multi-season silo foils have been an integral part of our scope of supply. We use PVC foil with fabric reinforcement, thus no safety grating is needed, only the underlay foil remains.

Mobile foil shelter

Our Mobile foil shelter is a pasture tent that provides ample space for feeding and sleeping animals or as a storage area for bales of hay and straw, etc.
It is stable, easy to assemble and does not require a permit. For the design of the side walls, back walls and gables, we offer various combinations with foil and wind protection.
Do you already have panels? Then you can get the right retrofit kit from us.
    • Size 3.6 m x 3.0 m
    • Size 3.6 m x 6.0 m
    • Size 6.0 m x 6.0 m

Rolling gates

We supply rolling gates for openings up to 6 m high and 6 m wide. For larger widths, please send your request.
Our roller shutter is wind-resistant and weather-resistant and is wound on the top of a shaft supported on the side. Laterally mounted U-rails ensure safe guidance. An optical safety strip is attached for their protection.

You can choose between manual operation, pushbutton operation with dead man's switch or pushbutton operation with radio remote control. Additional wind bracing is possible, as well as a wide range of colors. Additional equipment: Sheet metal cover / rain deflector above the gate.
You can choose between wind protection net and tarpaulin. Upon customer request, the products can also be combined individually.

Sliding curtain

The sliding curtain is a simple and practical system for self-assembly and is suitable for quick side opening and closing. Guidance is provided by rollers in a guide rail.
The material can be chosen between a wind protection net and tarpaulin. Upon customer request, the products can also be combined individually.

Fixed string

As weather and visibility protection, we offer our fixed covering made of wind protection net, foil tarpaulin or combined in different colors and thicknesses. We adjust the dimensions to your needs up to a maximum height of 5.0 m and width on request. Installation is quick and easy in self-assembly. The tensioning is done by a ratchet system.

Side ventilation

We offer replacement hangings for existing side vents.
For the hangings, you can choose between wind protection net and foil in different colors and thicknesses.

Foils and fleeces

Are you looking for foils or fleeces for root protection, amphibian protection or tarpaulins? Or for a completely different project? We have a wide range of quality materials, which are suitable for different purposes. We will be happy to advise you on which foil is suitable for which application.
We offer fleeces in various qualities and formats in rolls. You can get foils from us in rolls or tailored to your needs.