Over-/under pressure safety valve

The over-/under pressure safety valve is a safety device to securely prevent unacceptable gas pressures in tanks and gas storage covers. Sealing is achieved by a sealing liquid, generally a water-glycol mixture with a density depending on the mixing ratio. We offer pressure safety valves in different designs for different operating pressures and volume flows according to your requirements. On request, we are also happy to offer you a suitable booster heating system to go with it.

Fastening variants

For our double membrane gas storage system, we offer both stainless steel U-profiles and the stainless steel flat profiles.

Volume table

We can adjust volumes upward or downward as needed, if technically feasible. If you require other dimensions, roof pitches, gas volumes or special designs, please contact us.

TRAS 120

If required, corresponding components of our double membrane gas storage can be designed according to the requirements of TRAS 120.

Replacement foils

Our scope of supply also includes the production of replacement foils and the conversion or replacement of gas storage systems from other manufacturers. On request, we deliver and install our covers for you worldwide.

Thermal protection foil

By additionally installing our thermal protection foil, we estimate that you can reduce heat loss in the double membrane gas storage by up to 30%.

The gas storage volume that is located above this heat protection foil is nonetheless available without limitations. Subsequent installation of the thermal protection foil is possible.

Calming system

Flexible and expandable tension elements above the gas storage membrane cause stabilization of the shape of the gas storage membrane independent of the gas filling level.
As a result, peaks and excursions during level measurement are considerably damped and mapped more accurately. The stored gas volume can be better utilized and the control of the BHKW can be more precise.
The advantages are:
    • much more accurate level measurement,
    • less movement of the gas storage membrane and
    • the possibility of reducing the number of measuring points in hydraulic systems.
The installation of our calming system is also possible afterwards.

Supporting air blower

Depending on the structure, size and operation of the gas storage, we plan the design of the required supporting air blowers (ATEX design).

By selecting the appropriate blowers, it is possible to adjust the pressure ratios in the individual storage units within the permissible pressure specifications and thus optimally control the gas flow and ensure safe operation. Overloading of the membrane during pressure peaks is reduced many times over, which considerably extends the service life.

All blower types are kept in stock by us to ensure quick delivery in case of replacement needs.

Belt tensioning system

The belt tensioning system is used to support additional loads acting on the weather protection membrane.
The way the belts are arranged over the weather protection membrane distributes the loads evenly among the belts. Thus, the membrane is substantially relieved precisely in the area of maximum stress.
The reserves for higher internal pressures, wind loads and stability of the storage units as well as during overpressure events are increased many times over. This provides the operator with real added value in terms of operational reliability and costs.

Measurement technology

Level measurement with cable pull system and level measuring rod

In the mechanical rope pull system, a rope is laid over the gas storage foil and guided outward through the weather protection foil. This is guided in a transparent tube and connected to a weight. A level measuring rod transmits the level with a signal range of 4-20 mA to the system control unit.
This system is simple and easy to maintain due to separation of sensor and mechanics. It also includes a visual indicator on the container.

Level measurement with hydrostatic system

The hydrostatic measuring system works according to the principle of the hose scale: A pressure transducer is attached to one end of the hose filled with liquid. This transducer detects the pressure in the measuring hose corresponding to the height and generates a 4-20 mA signal from this.

Measurement points for further measured values

For optimal system control, we can provide you with preparations for additional measuring points in the foil. On request, we can also offer you suitable sensors, such as pressure measurement or supporting air monitoring.

Compressed air supply

If the foils are fixed with a clamping hose, a compressed air supply is necessary. The compressed air set distributes the air to the clamping hose and is equipped with a pressure gauge and a pressure switch.

We additionally recommend the installation of a glycol unit (see below).

Glycol unit

When fastening by means of a clamping hose, a glycol unit is additionally installed for protection in winter. This enriches the compressed air with glycol to prevent freezing.

Clamping hoses

We are happy to offer you the right hose for different installation systems. Long-term cooperation with the manufacturer ensures high quality.