Gas storage tanks

Double membrane gas storage

For the storage of biogas, double membrane gas storage can be installed on both in-situ concrete, precast, or suitable steel tanks. The external weather protection membrane serves to protect the internal gas membrane from the effects of the weather. The gas storage membrane is flexible and varies according to the amount of gas produced. The shape and color of these gas storage covers can be customized according to the requirement and customer's request.
For fastening we use two different systems. The stainless steel U-profile with clamping hose system and the stainless steel double flat profile for screwing onto the wall crown.
On request, it can be installed worldwide.

External gas storage system

The installation of our double membrane gas storage system does not necessarily have to be done on a tank. The gas storage can also be mounted on a floor slab, concrete slab or on a ring foundation made of concrete with an earth foundation. For this purpose, we also provide suitable floor waterproofing. The stainless steel flat profile is usually used for fastening.

The design (round, square, oval) and height can be customized according to requirements or desired volume.

Gas storage bags

The simplest and most straightforward solution of external or pressureless gas storage.

We manufacture foil gas storage bags for you in all sizes and shapes, e.g. pillow, cylinder or cuboid storage bags. The gas storage bag is assembled according to room dimensions and provided with connections of various types and sizes according to your specifications and requirements.

Single layer cover, gas-tight

Another type of gas-tight tank cover is the simple cover. The structure is braced directly above the center post. It should be noted that this variant is suitable only for vessels that do not require flexible gas storage.

EPDM membrane

We offer high-strength, flexible gas membranes made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) in various thicknesses and prefabricated to fit your container.
To protect against overstretching, we supply a surge net to go with the EPDM membrane.