In 1991 we, Peter Baur and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef Baur, founded the company Baur Folien. Since 2020, Simon Baur and Christian Schwank are supporting us with the management.
From the very beginning, we have been supplying the biogas industry with components and meeting our customers' requirements in terms of products, quality, service and logistics. Our manufacturing program includes a wide range of modern foil materials. For example, biogas storage are manufactured as pillow or cylinder storage bags, tank and lagoon covers, as single or double membrane covers, as well as covers for emission protection. The processing is carried out by our qualified personnel with the most modern machine technology at our location in Wolfertschwenden in the beautiful Allgäu region.
Our long-standing clientele includes renowned plant manufacturers and planners as well as operators, for whom we supply these components worldwide and also assemble them completely.
Our scope of supply also includes the production of replacement foils and the conversion or replacement of gas storage systems from other manufacturers.
In addition to excess and low pressure safeguards, supporting air blowers and suitable level measurements, we supply many other components. If required, corresponding components of the gas storage can be designed according to the requirements of TRAS 120.
Time and again, we and our team develop new products, e.g. for making plant operation more flexible, enabling the gas storage volume of existing tanks to be increased, or for reducing heat loss via the foils.
Another integral part is the leakage detection system, which we can offer you with the required general building authority approval (No. Z-59.26-489) from the DIBt.
However, our range does not only cover the field of biogas. You can also find multi-season silo foils, rolling doors and sliding curtains, as well as wind protection systems and pasture tents.
For the horticultural and industrial sectors, we tailor special foils for e.g. water storage tanks, sewage ponds, fire water tanks, rainwater retention, swimming pools, ponds and swimming ponds and install them as required.
We support you in all your considerations with experience and innovative ideas around gas storage and many other applications of our foils.