About us

The company Baur Folien assembles, delivers, lays and mounts films in a plentitude of use cases. Qualified professionals take care of the process with cutting-edge machinery.

In the field ‘Biogas’ we produce cushion or cylindrical storage reservoirs as well as single or double layer covers for containers and lagoons.  Our scope of supply also includes the production of replacement foils and the conversion or replacement of gas storage systems from other manufacturers.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories: overpressure safety devices, support air blowers and suitable level measurements, and many more.

We developed innovative products that can increase the available gas storage volume of existing containers or reservoirs.

In all your considerations we are supporting you with our experience and innovative ideas in gas storage solutions.

Also, we offer leakage detection systems. Depending on your requirements, various container covers are available for emission protection.

For modern stables, we manufacture roller shutters and sliding curtains for you, as well as wind protection systems and pasture tents.

For the professional silage cover we provide you with multi-year silage films and accessories.

You will also receive disinfectant mats, aprons and tarpaulins for various purposes.

For horticulture and industry, we tailor special foils for various water storage solutions to measure and assemble them if necessary.

Our competent team will gladly advise you, even if you need films for further applications.